Phone Agent Assistant

Connect Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) to Skype for Business

The Phone Agent Assistant is a companion app for Skype for Business which adds automated caller recognition based on the phone number, using the information from your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) organization, for any incoming call.

Using the Phone Agent Assistant to connect your Dynamics 365 to Skype for Business will enable these benefits for your users:

  • Caller recognition based on Dynamics 365 data
  • Track phone calls with notes and phone call activities
  • Create reminders to call someone back, for calls coming in at inconvenient moments

The app connects to your existing organization of 'Dynamics 365 for Sales', 'Dynamics 365 for Customer Service' and other workloads for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (previously known as 'Dynamics CRM') as well as any custom built app with the Common Data Service.

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Screenshot of Phone Agent Assistant Notification

  1. An extended notification window will appear to compliment Skype for Business's notification. Information in the extended notification window will provide caller recognition based on the data from your Dynamics 365 organization.
  2. Using smart matching the incoming phone number will be able to be matched against many different formats of phone numbers in your Dynamics 365, making sure that you'll get the best match every time, regardless of how you store phone numbers.
  3. See highlights of the Account, Contact or Lead straight away and optionally you can choose to open up their record directly in Dynamics 365
  4. Use the 'Start taking notes' button to quickly create a Phone Call activity in Dynamics 365 with your notes, without the need to open Dynamics itself
  5. Use the 'Decline and schedule call back' button to decline the incoming call and create a reminder Phone Call activity in Dynamics 365 which will automatically remind you in 24 hours to call back.

How does it work?

The Phone Agent Assistant runs in the background, alongside Skype for Business on your Windows machine, and will automatically detect all incoming calls on Skype for Business and show relevant information from Dynamics 365.

The phone numbers for the incoming calls will be looked up in Dynamics 365 using our smart matching rules,making sure that you'll get the best match every time. The best matched record, be it an Contact, Account or Lead will be shown in a pop-up, along side the Skype for Business pop-up.


Our best offer is running everything in the Cloud. Using Skype for Business Online (with Office 365 E3 or E5) combined with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online

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Everything in the Cloud

€ 3/month Per User, Per Month (excl. VAT)
  • Skype for Business Online (Phone System)
  • Dynamics 365 Online
  • Sign in with Office 365
  • Email support
Try it free for 30 days

Own Skype for Business Server

€ 4/month Per User, Per Month (excl. VAT)
  • Bring your own Skype for Business Server
  • Dynamics 365 Online
  • Sign in with Office 365
  • Email support
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