Cloud Chains

Tailored integrations for Dynamics 365

CloudChains offers an interface between Dynamics 365 and other applications. Connect your financial application (such as Business Central, Twinfield or Exact Online), your web store or any business essential back office system.

Integrate without the need for expensive customization. CloudChains offers tailored integrations that work like any standardized one.

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How does it work?

CloudChains makes it possible to execute business processes across applications.

The foundation of CloudChains is the trigger action principle: CloudChains ensures that a certain event in a software environment leads to an action in the next application, as if they are a single system.

The prime advantages for your customer:
  1. Single point of entry: no redundant actions needed
  2. Across application boundaries: retaining all application functionality
  3. Online: easily activated and configured
  4. No consultancy required
  5. Inexpensive: from €50 per month

Example process

Users approve invoice in Dynamics 365 for Sales

Or Dynamics 365 for Customer Service or Project Service or Field Sevrice

CloudChains automatically books invoice into your financial system

Like Business Central, Twinfield or Exact Online

Customer receives invoice by email

Typically your financial system would send the email but, CloudChains can email it for you

Customer pays invoice

Via bank transfer, payment provider, etc.

CloudChains triggers on the payment in your financial system and marks the invoice as completed in Dynamics 365

Sales and Customer Service teams have the 360° customer view from Dynamics 365

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