Troubleshooting audio in Microsoft Teams

Can't hear anyone in your Teams call? Or does no one seem to hear you?
Let's try to fix that.

Make sure you're not on mute

In your call, take a look at the microphone button, if there's line through the microphone then you are currently on mute (silenced), click the button to unmute yourself.

Is there a line through your microphone icon? Then you're on mute - click it to unmute yourself!

This icon is good! You're not on mute.

Quick tip: You can also press Ctrl + Shift + M on your keyboard to mute/unmute.

Select the right audio device for the call

In your call, in the call controls bar, click the 'More Actions' button , from the menu select the 'Show device settings' item. 'Device settings' will open in a sidebar will to the right, in this sidebar you can choose your preferred devices for audio and video.

Choose your preferred audio device with the 'Audio devices' drop down list, this will preselect the accompanying speaker and microphone. Alternatively, you can configure the speaker and microphone individually.

Look at your device's mute buttons

If you're working on a device like a laptop, it might have a dedicated mute button for the speakers and microphone, on the keyboard or elsewhere.

Look for these buttons on your device and make sure you are not on mute.

Using a headset? That might also be on mute or needs to change modes

If you're using a headset that has it's own mute/unmute buttons, double-check that it's not muted. Some headsets also come with multiple modes and/or channel, double-check that you are using the right one.

Check your headset's user manual to identify the exact location of this button.

This is an example of a Lenovo laptop. These buttons may be in a different location on your device.