Migrate customers to the Cloud

Moving existing Dynamics deployments to the cloud is not easy

On-premise to Cloud migration service is aimed to support partners with the migration of older versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Dynamics 365 (on-premise or Private Cloud) to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Online. Upgrading or migrating to the Microsoft cloud has many pitfalls causing the complexity of such a project to be higher than generally expected

Common challenges are:

  • Dependency on deprecated APIs and SDKs
  • Customizations in the default/system solution
  • Unsupported client-side scripting/code
  • Unsupported customizations
  • Server-installed customizations (generally unsupported)
  • Data inconsistency
  • (SQL) Reports depending on unsupported queries
  • Incompatible connectors
  • Incompatible or discontinued add-ons

Migration issues prevent companies to move to the Cloud. Due to some of the above-mentioned challenges, customers choose to postpone migration or even choose for a re-implementation. We like to overcome these obstacles and support customers in their journey to the Cloud.

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