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PowerApps and Dynamics 365 are powered by the Common Data Service

The most innovative business application platform just got better. Microsoft's Common Data Service allows your to create powerful business applications in minutes, leveraging all capabilities from Dynamics 365 and Office 365

MindsUnited has 15+ years of experience creating business applications using for the Dynamics 365 platform (also known as the XRM Framework). Microsoft Cloud strategy has brought the platform we know and love to even more Partners and customers by making the next version of the XRM Framework available as the Common Data Service for any business application, whether based on Dynamics 365 or not.

PowerApps allows any Partner or customer to create their own business applications, with the Common Data Service as it's foundation, bringing all the power of Dynamics 365 to any business application. Whether you need a small app to register time entries, book appointments, a full blown enterprise solution or anything in between, you can do it with PowerApps!

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