The Organization Insights dashboard was introduced by Microsoft to be the jumping off point of analyzing user adoption of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement implementations. Using the metrics already gathered by Microsoft for all Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement apps, Power Users, Administrators and Partners have been able to look into user addition of their organization using the Organization Insights dashboard.

Not (yet) pre-installed in Dynamics 365, the Organization Insights dashboard was available as an add-on through AppSource, Microsoft’s Business Apps marketplace.
After installing and additional icon would appear in the Settings area, giving Power Users and Administrators access to the insights.

With Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement now officially being built on top of the Common Data Service for Apps (part of the Power platform), Microsoft has moved further to converge experiences across apps and introduced Power platform Admin center. Any app built on top for the Common Data Service for Apps (including any Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement app/organization) can now be managed centrally through the Power Platform admin center, which includes the Organization Insights, now rebranded as Analytics for Common Data Service for Apps.

Still in preview, the Power platform admin center can be accessed today to see the Organization Insights in a new jacket via

The original Organization Insights dashboard is still available through Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, although it is no longer available in AppSource.

Updated documentation on the Common Data Service for Apps analytics can be found in the Common Data Service for Apps section of the Microsoft docs site: