Make things easier instead of harder

MindsUnited simplifies complicated Dynamics 365 challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 recognizes 266 system entities. To optimize your use of the possibilities, you should only use those entities that you really need. In addition, only 20% of the configuration is business specific. And we can configure those 20% for you remotely.

A selection of the possibilities:

  • JumpStart 365
  • Timekeeping module
  • Project module
  • Member module
  • Real estate module

Quickly and remotely

If your client wants to get started with, say, the Projects module in Dynamics, there is no need to send a high-priced developer their way. We’ve laid the groundwork, and the rest can be configured through online meetings (Skype for Business). Fast and simple, so a lot cheaper.

Train and care

MindsUnited knows their way around the application and knows what options to turn on or off to meet a specific requirement. And after implementing a module, the choice is yours: do you want to train your end users yourself or do you want MindsUnited to do it for you? The same is true for the aftercare: do it yourself or outsource it to MindsUnited, whatever you prefer.