CloudChains makes multiple applications work as one

Your customer is eager to start using Dynamics 365, but fears the high expense of implementing the interfaces with his financial systems and/or web store. MindsUnited offers a practical solution for this challenge as well.

CloudChains offers an interface between Dynamics (and other  applications), a bookkeeping application (such as Twinfield/Exact), and/or the web store, without the need for expensive customizations, and also without the need to sacrifice any of the functionality of those applications. Better still, the customer has to start only a single application at the start of the process: in other words, a single point of entry.

How does it work?

CloudChains makes it possible to execute business processes across applications. The foundation of CloudChains is the trigger action principle: CloudChains ensures that a certain event in a software environment leads to an action in the next application, as if they are a single system. Here’s an example:

Your customer approves an invoice in his application, which automatically leads to sending the invoice via email, booking the invoice in the online financial system, and a shipping order for the warehouse or the external shipper. Your customer does not need to perform any additional actions, or to switch to Outlook and/or the bookkeeping application.

Conversely, CloudChains can automatically enter payment information for invoices into the Dynamics 365. So it’s less an interface than a central application that executes a business process across three applications.

The prime advantages for your customer:

  • Single point of entry: no redundant actions needed
  • Across application boundaries: retaining all application functionality
  • Online: easily activated and configured
  • No consultancy required
  • Inexpensive: from €50 per month

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