Do it yourself, With Our Assistance

MindsUnited meets the needs of Microsoft partners in the Dynamics 365 marketplace. Do you want to implement a fully operational Microsoft Dynamics 365 system? Or do you want to activate a specific solution or interface for your customer? Just click on the item your customer needs, and we will do the rest. Including training and aftercare, if needed.

MarketPlace: Click-and-run Dynamics solutions

Through this portal, you can easily and quickly implement various Dynamics 365 modules for your small-business customers.

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JumpStart 365: click-and-run Dynamics 365

Finally! A standardized and fully automated implementation of Dynamics 365.

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Connecting everything

Using this platform, you can create interfaces with almost every application out there, in a jiffy.

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Click-and-run solutions

We offer an answer to every complex Dynamics 365 challenge, in the shape of ready-made and flexible modules or interfaces. Online, in the cloud, and under a cost-effective subscription model.

The prime advantages:

Extremely user friendly

A method anyone can understand.

Lightning-fast implementations

Thanks to our well-conceived approach.

In the cloud

No maintenance or system management needed on your end.

No investments needed

No need to invest in additional knowledge, people, or resources.

Scalable subscription model

Transparent and low costs (fixed fee per user per month).

Broad portfolio

Never again sell ‘No’ to your customers, and increase customer loyalty.


Instantly available.

Make things easier instead of harder

MindsUnited simplifies complicated Dynamics 365 challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 recognizes 266 system entities. To optimize your use of the possibilities, you should only use those entities that you really need. In addition, only 20% of the configuration is business specific. And we can configure those 20% for you remotely.

A selection of the possibilities:

  • JumpStart 365
  • Timekeeping module
  • Project module
  • Member module
  • Real estate module

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JumpStart CloudChains makes multiple applications work as one

Your customer is eager to start using Dynamics 365, but fears the high expense of implementing the interfaces with his financial systems and/or web store. MindsUnited offers a practical solution for this challenge as well.

JumpStart CloudChains offers an interface between Dynamics (and other applications), a bookkeeping application (such as Twinfield/Exact), and/or the web store, without the need for expensive customizations, and also without the need to sacrifice any of the functionality of those applications. Better still, the customer has to start only a single application at the start of the process: in other words, a single point of entry.

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Start working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 within 24 hours:

JumpStart 365

MindsUnited: Dynamics experts with a wealth of experience

Thanks to our years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365, we are intimately familiar with the application. We are eager to share this knowledge with you. We do this through our click-and-run Dynamics 365 solutions. These allow you to extend your service portfolio without needing additional staff. This in turn leads to higher revenue and customer satisfaction.

The decision is entirely yours how much work you want to outsource. Do you have the time and staff to train your end users, or do you want us to do it for you? You can also go for the happy medium and choose our online training materials. The same goes for the aftercare: you can either do it yourself or leave it to us. You remain in control at all times.

MindsUnited offers:

  • Well-conceived solutions for a flat fee per user per month
  • Everything online, including consultancy
  • Training videos for both the partner and the end user